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We are just 6 girls who love to do karaoke~! :3
We do not compete, we just like to have fun.

The Music

♥ Warrachao yo BOYFRIEND//
Moonlight Cuties

♥ Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~//
Moonlight Cuties

♥ Onna Kanashii Otona//
Moonlight Cuties

♥ Renai Sentai Shitsu Ranger //
Moonlight Cuties

♥ Pittari Shitai X'mas! //
Moonlight Cuties

♥ Shiroi Tokyo //
Moonlight Cuties

♥ Sailor Moon Christmas //
Moonlight Cuties

♥ Oujisama to Yuki no Yoru //
Moonlight Cuties

♥ Love Raspberry Juice//
Moonlight Cuties

♥ Jounetsu Yuki Miraisen //
Moonlight Cuties

♥ Akahana no Tonakai //
Moonlight Cuties

♥ First Kiss //
Moonlight Cuties / Moonlights & Moonbeams

♥ Piriri to Yukou! //
Moonlight Cuties

♥ Get Up! Rapper //
Moonlight Cuties

♥ L'amour D'amour Moonlight //
Moonlight Cuties

♥ Ai no Imi wo Oshiete //
Moonight Cuties / VV

♥ Iroppoi Jirettai //
Moonlight Cuties

♥ C'est La Vie //
Moonlight Cuties

The Cast
Sailor Moon

Morning Musume
Ai K
Ai T

Berryz Koubou


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First single of 2008~! xD KINDA~~! [Tuesday
9:11pm April 8th]

[ mood | creative ]

Waaah, it's almost been a YEAR since we updated!! :___: This project was in the works since last year, but I had trouble locating one clippet of the song so it held up production. :_: Luckily Aibon came to the rescue and found the missing piece!

So without further ado~~ xD

Chokkan - Nogashita Sakana Wa Ookiizo!

A high energy song, it was a fun one to do, but hard one to mix~! xD I SWEAR between the karaoke and the actual song there are time gaps because the mixing never wants to lay nicely on top of the karaoke. xD;;; Lots of tweaking was made so I appologize if it may sound okay in some parts, but wonky on others! :_:

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New SINGLE!!! [Sunday
7:51pm June 3rd]

[ mood | dorky ]

I'm posting this for Usa since LJ is giving her such a hard time! The wording is hers I'm just logged in! ENJOY!

Oh gosh... this one has been in the works since Valentines day last year... U_U BUT with faulty hard drives and busy schedules this project was put on the back burner for like ever~ SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~ Without further ado.. xD


Cover and Produced by Usa!!!!

Singers -

We have some more goodies coming up this month! Please stay tuned. ^_^

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First Single of the Month of May! Miss Love Tantei! [Tuesday
3:15pm May 1st]

That's right! :D A new single. ♥ We have a bunch of projects we are currently working on along with a new website. So get ready for a bunch of stuff this month from us! ♥ As for now we have VV's second single after a long hiatus! Be sure to look out for more VV singles in the near future too! ^_^

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Temporary Download link - Perm one coming soon!
VV - Miss Love Tantei
_momokins_ as Aibon
usakochan as Nono

Produced by Nono
Cover by Nono
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NEW SINGLE!!!!!!! [Sunday
11:47am April 1st]

No, this is NOT an April's Fool joke! Moonlight Cuties has a new single!!! I know it's been a long time, but each girl has been very busy so I'm uber happy we had a chance to complete this one ^^ Look for more from us in the coming months as we plot to be very busy!!!

Waracchao yo BOYFRIEND

Risako - Desi
Momoko - Usa
Miyabi - Mei
Saki - Yukiko
Maasa - Crystal
Chinami - Charmy
Yurina - Charmy, Crystal, Yukiko
Tsunku - N8

Produced by Yukiko
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New Release!!!! [Wednesday
9:57pm February 22nd]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

I can not begin to explain how excited I am about this release =D Seriously you girls put so much into this song and it's AMAZING! Hands down <333s And the pictures that were sent in...! Dude...I made a booklet so I could share them with everyone. Let's keep up the energy and release more amazing singles!!!

Moonlight Cuties ~ Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~

The "GUYS" ~
Hitomi - Crystal
Maki - Mei
Natsumi - Usakochan

The "GIRLS" ~

The opening line is sung by Desi as this was 5th Gen's first song and they were given the first line so since this is Desi's first single with the whole group she was granted this spot =D

Produced by - Yukiko
Cover Design/Booklet by - Yukiko

BOOKLETCollapse )

Enjoy! And once again thank you everyone!!!!

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It's time again! [Saturday
9:08am February 18th]

[ mood | accomplished ]

While some are off having fun at Katsucon this weekend I decided to release a new single! This has been in the works for a bit, but I was finally able to finish it off in the middle of my uber busy schedule ^^; So take a listen and I hope you enjoy! Expect more soon!!!

Moonlight Cuties - Onna Kanashii Otona

Miki - Crystal
Miyabi - Yukiko
Megumi - Desi

Cover Art by Yukiko
Produced by Yukiko

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New Moonlight Cuties Release: Renai Sentai Shitsu Ranger! [Tuesday
11:53pm February 7th]


Renai Sentai Shitsu Ranger <----Click! ((temp link! ^^;))

Charmy ~ silencefirefly as Natsumi Abe
Mei Mei ~ bmmn as Maki Goto
Usa ~ usakochan As Aya Matsura

Produced by ~ Usa ~usakochan
Cover Art and Design by Usa ~usakochan

Sorry to post this without telling you guys first Aibon, Yossi, Mei Mei and Desi, but I was too hyped to leave it for the morning. xD

Anyways, I am lucky!~ xD Although it's not 100% perfect, this one was an easy one to mix for me! ^___^ Thanks so much Christi and Mei mei for rawking this one out with me~! xD <3 Thisi one was so upbeat and happy. xD A lot of fun to sing~!

Please enjoy! xD
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Wintry Refreshment! [Monday
11:01am January 30th]

[ mood | satisfied ]

So much to do, but I'm taking a moment to release Moonlight Cuties' Winter Collection!!! Yes, it's still winter ladies and gents =D I hope everyone enjoys this album and expect more soon ^^ We're already in production for a Valentine release <333s

This was very much a group project! There were 3 producers and of course all the singers ^^ Please check out the work everyone put into this!

Cover Art/Design By ~ Usako (usakochan)

Sailor Moon Christmas <---CLICK

Produced By ~ Usako (usakochan)
Usagi ~ Usako (usakochan)
Mina ~ Charmy (silencefirefly)
Mako/Rei ~ Yukiko (_momokins_)
Ami ~ MeiMei (bmmn)

Shiroi Tokyo <---CLICK

Produced By ~ Yukiko (_momokins_)
Momoko ~ Usako (usakochan)
Erika ~ Charmy (silencefirefly)
Saki ~ Yukiko (_momokins_)
Maimi ~ MeiMei (bmmn)
Mari ~ Crystal (akainikkichou)
Megumi ~ Everyone ^^

Oujisama To Yuki No Yoru <---CLICK

Produced By ~ Yukiko (_momokins_)
Kaori ~ Usako (usakochan)
Rika ~ Charmy (silencefirefly)
Ai ~ Yukiko (_momokins_)
Mari ~ Crystal (akainikkichou)

Pittari Shitai Xmas <---CLICK

Produced By ~ MeiMei (bmmn)
Kei ~ Charmy (silencefirefly)
Hitomi ~ Yukiko (_momokins_)
Maki ~ MeiMei (bmmn)

ENJOY!!!! And as always thank you for listening =D

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Love Raspberry Juice~! [Thursday
11:55pm January 19th]

Since Charmy is pre-occupied with an essay I will post this for her~ n.n

Love Raspberry Juice

Aya - Charmy
Aki - MeiMei
Miori - Crystal
Haruna - Yukiko
Mai - Usako

Produced by Charmy
Cover Design by Usako
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Moonlight Cuties New Year's Release - Jounetsu Yuki Miraisen [Saturday
10:45pm December 31st]

[ mood | happy ]

I present to you Moonlight Cuties new release Jounetsu Yuki Miraisen!

Moonlight Cuties - Jounetsu Yuki Miraisen

Sung By:

Ayaka - Crystal (akainikkichou)
Lehua - MeiMei (bmmn)
Mika - Yukiko (_momokins_)

Produced By: MeiMei
Cover By: MeiMei

This was my second song as mixer and producer! I'm really proud of how this turned out. It's a fun song, and we really enjoyed recording it. Thank-you everyone for listening! You can look forward to many more releases from us!

Happy New Year!

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Moonlight Christmas - Akahana no Tonakai [Friday
11:22am December 23rd]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Happy Holidays from Moonlight Cuties!

Moonlight Cuties - Akahana no Tonakai

Sung By:

Usakochan (usakochan)
Yukiko (yumiaiko)
MeiMei (bmmn)

Produced by MeiMei
Cover Created by MeiMei

Surprise! It's acapella!

I know most people would never dare acapella, and I'm not sure the others would have if I'd told them I was planning this...I'm really happy with how it turned out, though! I think it sounds just right! This is the first time I've ever produced a single for Moonlight Cuties. I hope everyone enjoys it!

Thank-you for listening! Look forward to more releases in the near future!
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New Release!!! [Wednesday
1:11pm December 14th]
[ mood | giggly ]

Dum de Dum!!! Moonlight Cuties newest release! Sorry it took so long, but everyone gets busy now and then, ne? =D This is also the official beginning of Guest Singers that we have named "Moonbeams". So I would like to welcome DESI!!! She's an awesome singer (as all our Moonbeams are) so please give her a warm welcome =D

Now onto the single before I bore you!

Moonlight & Moonbeams - FIRST KISS

Airi - Desi
Reina - Yukiko
Miyabi - Crystal

Produced by/Cover Design by - Yukiko

(I would also like to point out that for those of you who know this song that all the high notes that Airi does during the section before the end are all done by Desi =D And Crystal did *all* the harmonies! I want to thank them soooooo much for this awesome piece. I <3333s you both!!!)

Please enjoy!!!!

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[Out Of Topic] Need More Members =P [Friday
5:24pm November 4th]


I notice we don't have enough Mods like I wished so I am going to update a little more info on my muhahaha communities ^^
There are
8 spaces left for Mods

New Support Line
We're going to rate your AMV in a senshi style
Rating Icon and Banner Design - Need 1

Feel Free To Join ^^
If you wish to know a little more about our communities feel free to ask me ^^v
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[AMV] In The End - Update [Wednesday
7:47pm October 26th]

[ mood | indescribable ]

I have made a very big change towards this video, as I damn notice I didn't have very much Sailor Mars Action clips so I replaced some clips with another action....
Yes which is very stupid of me, and no the opening has been change a little as well, although the story hasn't been change much...

Personally the video is still based on Sailor Mars, because I didn't have enough clips as I said I have replaced the ending with another Sailor Moon ending, so if you have a problem with this please leave your comment...

Name: In The End - Full Version
Storyline: Sailor Mars/ Hino Rei Sad Story
Time: 03:36

P.S Yes I do notice a repeated clip, I couldn't see the repeated clip at that time, so if your bother with it just Deal with it, or i'll just might pop up with a pie and smack you in the cheek with it ^_~

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[AMV] In The End -Short Version- [Tuesday
5:03pm October 25th]

[ mood | crappy ]

I made a very short version of Sailor Mars music video, as I wasn't in such a good mood, I hope people would enjoy this video as much as I enjoy making it...

Yes Really Short and Small....

Name: In The End
Story: Sailor Mars Sadness
Time: 01.10

Don't ask me why this video is in a mess, I am in a crappy mood, so I might not answer your question Gomen

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[AMV] All About Us [Thursday
2:56pm October 20th]

[ mood | calm ]

Ok I haven't been making anything new for quite a long time, and since I am in a good mood, I am going to share my new music video with everyone....

This music video is based on Haruka and Michiru I hope everyone would enjoy it as much as I enjoy making it, as it's been so long since I made something speical...and damn I need something to eat....

By the way this is my first post in PGSM Rating....weird...

All About Us
Animation: Sailor Moon S
Base: Haruka and Michiru Relationship
Time: 03:17

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Attention Please? [Sunday
9:23pm October 9th]

Hihi, me again. Just asking a question for Yumi-san mostly.

I was wondering if you got the files I sent, or should I resend them?
Also, if you did get them, did you need me to rerecord them or anything?
Lemme know, mmkay?


(ps: thanks in advance)
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Moonlight Cuties 5th Single [Thursday
9:39pm October 6th]
[ mood | energetic ]

We wanted to do something special for Maiha's Graduation from Berryz and Hello!Project so chose Piriri to Yukou! because of the large amount of Mai-chan goodness =D Please enjoy our cover dedicated to her!!! As always thanks to my girls for their efforts <3333s to you all!

Piriri to Yukou!

Risako/Chinami - Charmy
Miyabi/Maiha - MeiMei
Yurina/Maasa - Crystal
Saki - Yukiko
Momoko - Usakochan

Produced by Yuikiko/Cover Design by Yukiko

(cover is a temporary cover as we have a guest designer making a V2 =D )

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4:43pm September 30th]

Okay so I could probably just post this in a comment somewhere but what would the fun in that be?


You girls are so freaking adorable! I could like pinch cheeks and stuff ^_^
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Moonlight Cuties 4th Single!!! [Friday
12:42pm September 30th]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I'm here to announce Moonlight Cuties 4th single <3s Get Up! Rapper!!!!!!!! Everyone had loads of fun with this song and I'm uber happy by their enthusiasm <3s I added some electronics to this so it's unique and definitely US =D Enjoy! And as always thankies to my girls!!!

Moonlight Cuties - Get Up! Rapper

Natsumi - silencefirefly
Aya - usakochan
Ai - yumiaiko
Makoto - bmmn
Yuki - akainikkichou

Produced by Yukiko
Cover Art/Design by Yukiko

OH! And because I had some really cool ghetto-tastic photos left and people have asked for lyrics to sing along I made a lyric booklet ^_^ One in Japanese Characters and the other page in Romanji ^_^ If you set your printer to landscape it will print out in two nice pages!

Lyric BookletCollapse )


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